Beach Front Land For Sale In Lovina

Rp66.000.000 For Sale


Beach Front Land For Sale In West of Lovina Beach Bali

The land is 5.350m² BEACHLAND in the North of Bali. Legal to build for living such as housing, villa or any other building . We Guaranteed with 100% money Back!!!

Asking price Only Rp 3.500.000.000 or approximately $USD 233.333 for whole plot freehold.


Beachfront approximately 110 M Wide !!

On the beach, on the left side of the land, there is a family PURA of the former owners, so the land is very well protected, because the whole family is living behind this offered land.

The exact location is: the first street on the right of GEROKGAK, about 8 kilometers west of SERIRIT, so west of LOVINA.

On “Google Earth” you have a very good impression of the land now, and you also can see that they build big Villas on the right side of our land.  So the area is a Residential Area.

The land is always used to grow vegetables, so it is nice and flat, but because it is not used for years, it is a little overgrown.

There is a very good asphalt road to the land.

The land is about 200 meters from the main road, so very quite.

Electricity is already on the land.

At the left side of the land, there is a small river coming from the mountains.

At the backside of the land, there are thousands of palm trees, and behind that there is the view on the mountains of the National Park

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