BatuBolong Beach Bali

About batubolong Beach Bali


Batu Bolong Beach – is a quiet and comfortable beach and secluded corner of Canggu village. located in the same coastal Tanah Lot Beach, Batu Bolong beach a favorite of foreign tourists. Batu Bolong Beach can be found before the Tanah Lot Beach if you are from Kuta. Batu Bolong Beach The beach is located on Jalan Raya Batu Bolong. Beach named Batu Bolong Batu Bolong beach because there is a huge rock which separated from the mainland by a white sand, just like Tanah Lot Beach which was already well known. Not only that, it turns out that a large rock on the shoreline there is such a small cave, not so deep, and probably that’s why this beach called Batu Bolong Beach. Batu Bolong Beach is also a haven for surfers, beach beauty Batu Bolong is located on the exotic waves are so high. Many Foreign Tourists who enjoy the waves at Batu Bolong beach to surf in the morning. In the morning, the atmosphere is more stable Batu Bolong beach. Gusts of wind that hit also not as big as the time of day or evening. Therefore, the surfers prefer Batu Bolong beach in the morning, especially for novice surfers. When the morning, the sea water will recede, wider shoreline to play, Many also take advantage of the shore for sunbathing and playing.

One more thing that you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Batu Bolong the sunset. As well as the beach Tanah Lot, from its geographical position, Batu Bolong Beach offers a beautiful sunset. You can enjoy the sun sutset perfect round shape with no cloud cover if you ‘re lucky. Sunset at the beach is also very suitable enjoyed by your plug because the sunset at Batu Bolong beach is very romantic atmosphere.