Price - US$ 300.000 or whole project US$575.000
Location -
Property -
Bedrooms -
Bath -
Garage -

Villa In Muding Kerobokan Bali For Lease 2000 m2 Land for 26 years Reduced Price

Villa Project On Progress To Be Release as the owner urgently has to go back to origin country for medical reason

This Villa Project on progress with 6 villa on going to be release ASAP  with reduced price Guaranteed

This lease begins on the date 22-05-2013 (twenty-two May two thousand thirteen) and was created and valid for a period of 26 (twenty six) years to expire no later than the date 22-5-2039 (twenty two May two thousand and thirty-nine) all data Valid and Legal Under notary

The villas are not fully completed yet.

Villa 1 will be accomplished in 6 weeks, fully furnished according to the owner’s taste. Asking price is USD 300 000. (negotiable)

Villa 2 is in progress, there is no 2nd floor yet, the owner is open to sell it as 1 floor villa with 2 bedrooms, or 2 floors villa with 3 bedrooms or 2 floor villas with lounge area at the top. Basically he is open to any, but really any changes or requests, regardless. Asking price with 2 floors is the same as Villa 1 – USD 300 000, if only 1 floor, price would be USD 250 000.

the other 4 villas have not been built yet. Unfortunately owner has health issues, willing to move back to Europe as soon as he can, so he would be also interested to sell the whole project for USD 575 000 right now, or price would depend on the stage the project would be at that moment.


Interested and want to check the location or further details about the property?
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NB: With due respect, before contacting us, make sure you are NOT the individual intermediaries / brokers Traditional, because our company policy, we do not accept the co-operation with individual intermediaries / brokers Traditional except by the Official Agent. Thank you.

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