How And Where to Find a Good and trust-able Maid in Bali

Maid In Bali Is still consider good job for local since that Most expat who hire local as their maid treat them well and in reasonable salary .

in western culture it might be inappropriate to having Maid in the house but in Bali maid job still consider good job for local.

to find good, hardworking,and trust -able Maid in Bali a bit difficult unless you have friends or any Property Agency you trust to find one or two maid for you taking care of you house ,food,clothes and pets.

salary of hiring Maid In Bali around Rp.1.500.000 / month Rp.2.200.000 /month defend on maid skill.

there are two Category of Maid Available in Bali

  1. having a maid that comes in the morning and leaves at night
  2. having a maid that live in the Hose

so if you thing you need a maid we have trustable and propfesional maid ready for you

photos and profile maid will avalable soon

or contact us via  Maid criteria that you are looking for..

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